This 2-Question IQ Test Can Determine Your Intellect

IQ Test

In 2016, research carried out by evolutionary psychologists examined how population density affects an individual. It was found that people with high IQs showed strikingly similar characteristics.

Taja Khabrein offers you two questions that will help you find out if you’re one of them. We should remind you that the test is entirely subjective.

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1. Could you live in a heavily populated part of a big city?

IQ Test

  1. No, lots of people stress me out.
  2. I wouldn’t mind it; I’d feel at home.

2. Do you feel sad or lonely and experience “withdrawal symptoms” if you aren’t in constant contact with your friends?

IQ Test

  1. More or less.
  2. Not really.


IQ Test

  • If you chose the first option in both cases, then you’re probably high on the “happiness index.”
  • If you chose the second option in both cases, you possess the typical qualities of someone with a high IQ.As research has shown, those with powerful intellectual abilities are the most capable of solving evolutionary tasks, and they adapt more quickly to new environments (in this case, highly populated areas of major cities). Because these people are better at managing the stress of living in a metropolis and don’t need support from their friends, they’re more independent and can survive on their own.
  • If you chose differing options, then you’ve probably found a happy medium between happiness and intelligence.

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