This Boy Was Born With This Rare Condition, How His Life Changed Will Surprise You!


Life is not fair with everyone 

#1 Thanks To Doctorsmahendra-story

 We are always grateful to the doctors whenever we visit for regular health checkups or be it some serious health issue, we never forget to thank the doctor endlessly.There are certain conditions where we are purely grateful to medical science, one such story is of this 13 year old boy

#2 Mahendra’s storymahendra-story

 This boy named Mahendra Ahirwar was born with a rare condition. His neck was so fragile and weak that he was unable to lift his head, resulting in his head being hung on one side.
Owing to this medical condition, he was not able to do anything on his own.
He could not even walk or eat or for that matter go to the bathroom without anyone’s help.

#3 An Angel Changed His Liferare-boy

 But all is not so wrong with his fate, in fact his luck changed and an angel called Julie Jones who resides in Liverpool, England. (Literally an angel)
She read Mahendra’s story online and started a campaign to raise money for his surgery.Her campaign raised approx $15,000, which was used to pay for the surgery to fix his neck.

#4 Life Has Changed Now!rare-boy

 Now at the age of 13, Mahendra can walk straight. He can do all day to day regular activities. This operation has changed his life, all thanks to a woman living on the other side of the world. Such stories prove that humanity still exists in the world. Hats off to people like Julie Jones

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