This Illustrator Adds Cartoons To People’s Insta Photos, And The Results Are Hilarious


Instagram is stormed with a huge variety of pictures every second. While some maintain an account to store their own memories, others want a strong following. A lot of interesting stuff is shared but every illustrator too is as active as celebrities and other users, and they use their amazing creative abilities to add more spice and fun to the images others upload.

Brazilian multimedia artist Lucas Levitan adds cartoons to people’s photos, turning them into hilarious situations and giving them new meaning.

Lucas writes on his website, In August 2013, whilst lunch break walking on Redchurch Street in East London, a brick fell from the 4th-floor scaffolding of a building site and missed me by millimeters. It made me think I should be doing more or what I love, drawing”

Photo Invasion is my Instagram project. I steal photos and add an illustrative touch”, he introduces his work of Instagram. He has named his lead animated character “Alencar”, who appears in random photos and totally conquers them.

He has also invented an app that helps you do such editing yourself. following are some photos that got a little twist from you.

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1. Starting with his holiest creation

2. A tribute to the greatest character-sketcher himself

3. Giving Leo a tough time

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4. Baby girl will be proud of herself when she grows up

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5. Perfect solution to end your loneliness

6. That’s how milking works

7. Finally, someone managed to move something here

8. Having tea like a pro

9. This woman will definitely kill him

10. This is what the Dalai Lama is busy with

11. The pool giant

12. Just to add a little more scent and color

13. The first day of summer

14. The gigantic ruler

15. Alencar having his favorite meal

16. Because he’s the king of the world and can do as he pleases

17. Quite a “hot” soup it is

18. Adding flavors to beach moments

19. because she had been standing idle for so long

20. The coolest architect

21. Granny watering the gardens of war and peace

22. A great message for his nephew

23. Making her wedding photo shoot all the more special

24. The favorite mount

25. At the barber’s

The best thing about his work is that they are not meaningless photos but are made thoughtfully to talk for a sociopolitical cause. His amazing ideas combined with his perfect choice of photos and color selection makes his work exceptional.

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