This man proposed a Dutch Pilot on Instagram, Gets Hilarious Reply from her Husband


Ther personal inbox of beautiful girls are filled with some really cheesy messages saying ‘You are beautiful and hot’, ‘Please do frandship with me’ and blah blah blah. And girls pay heed to such messages the way Indians pay attention to KRK.

Desi men are shy. They would wait for years to propose to the woman they like. Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ taught us ‘Pyaar dosti hai’. And therefore, they drop a ‘Frandship’ proposal.

However, a man has dared to do what others can’t. He just directly proposed the woman he adored.

Coming to the point, a desi man proposed a Dutch pilot on Instagram, without knowing that his comment would go viral in no time.

The girl posted a picture on Instagram. And a man immediately posted a comment proposing her for marriage. He wrote, “Will you marry me? I promise with you I will never live you alone tell my death and I also promise with you I will keep you happy tell my death,, I will work hard but keep you happy. Earn money for you to keep you happy. Earn money for you to keep you happy, just marry me, just marry me. You are one and only for me in the world so just marry me.”

Someone found his comment really inspiring, and it was none other than the girl’s husband.

The husband replied “Very inspiring.”

The desi man found a ray of hope after that foreign guy’s comment and he immediately asked for help. He wrote, “Thanks for and yes I really want to marry her can you help me.”

The Dutch pilot replied to the thread, “He’ll help you alright. He is my husband, this is hilarious.

The brave man, however, replied to the happy couple, said sorry, and told the husband that he is a lucky man. Here’s the following thread:

This incident has gone viral and people are searching for the girl’s Instagram account just to see this man’s comment. However, the comment has now been deleted:

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