This Video Highlights The Reality Of Overtime Employees In IT Industry. It’s Going Super-Viral Video

Overtime employee

No doubt, IT industry gives lots of monetary perks and benefits, but at the same time, some employees have to slog their as*es to make it big.

If you too are a not-so-fortunate enough and are slogging it out in the IT industry, you might find some who love the concept of OVERTIME. Of course, they get paid extra for the same and also get quicker promotions, but what about their personal lives being hampered? In a bid to create good impression, they often forget that they are missing out on the most important things in their lives.

We feel sorry for those who work 15 hours a day, but thanks to one eye-opening video that’s going viral on the internet, we finally came to know what most of the employees do.

The video credits go to Cheers! ‘What’s Your Status?’ & the way it has been portrayed is simply fabulous. It opens with an overtime employee (Who claims to work 15 hours) asking normal employee (Who works 9 hours) “Aaj phir se half day?” (Although it’s 6.30 pm). Overtime employee

This one question is enough to make him furious! The way he gives it back to the overtime employee is epic. Rather, he makes him realize how despite giving 15 hours, he’s just working for 9 hours , thanks to those too many long breaks.

The video is being loved by the netizens & even you can’t miss to watch it!

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