We Bet You Don’t Know The Reason Why Jeans Have These Tiny Buttons !

We are sure everyone just loves wearing jeans! Moreover, you must have noticed everything, the tiny pocket, its zip as well as one thing, which you always wonder as to why is it there! Yes, right, we are talking about those tiny buttons. As you are gazing at your newly purchased jeans, you might come across those small buttons on those pockets and might feel they are quite unnecessary.

There is a history behind it!

Earlier, the working class population would wear jeans but it was subjected to tough physical labor. At that time, jeans pocket would get ripped off during work. However, this posed a problem for them since they were in need of those pockets.

He came to the rescue

Then cane Jacob Davis, a tailor who was Levi Strauss & Co.’s local customer. He developed a brilliant idea in the year 1873. With this, we can definitely term him as genius. He thought that if metal copper rivets are placed as fasteners for reinforcing the seam, wherein these pockets are attached, it would be good. This would perfectly hold the pockets as well as jeans together and would not lead the jeans to be ripped off.

Jacob wished to get that patented but during that time, he didn’t have money for that. Thus, in the year 1872, he wrote to Levi Strauss and gave them a deal, if they could pay for this patent. Since then, the deal was struck and you have those tiny buttons!

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