What does your face shape say about your personality,Take this personality test

Even though your personality depends on many factors.Psychologist feel that by observing the shape of a person’s face It is possible to obtain relevant information about their personality,there health and their Intelligence .

1.Oval face

Oval faces have a high forehead and a jaw that is a little narrower than the cheeks.As one of the most common shapes,this shape is well balanced,has large features and is easy to analyze.

According to a personality test,individuals with this type of face tend to be very correct and proper in their behavior.They weigh the consequences and tend to say what is considered to be correct when making important decisions.They come across as very happy.At the same time,they can be rather timid before getting to know a person very well.

2.Round face

The shape of the round face is almost as wide as it is long.This gives a young and innocent impression.

Many people associate this shape with children.Because of this,they become confused and perceive the person to be too innocent.Nevertheless, a person with a round face may be very secure,mature and responsible in making the right decisions.Regardless of what some people think,these individuals can easily establish relationships,help others and be friendly.

3.Heart shaped face

Heart shaped face has features similar to that of a round face but with more prominent cheeks with expand when the person smiles.

To others these characteristics portray a kind and friendly idealist.It is also said that individuals with this type of face have a powerful inner strength that can easily be passed on to others.They are creative,decisive,preserving and willing to overcome fears when they strike out on a new adventure.

4.Long narrow face

Long narrow face shape is longer than it is wide and the chin may be fairly prominent.

Because of these characteristics,some people can become confused and think the person is very serious and has a bad temperament.In spite of this,when you get to know them,these people are friendly and full of positive energy.They also know how to socialize.They can take charge and tend to have leadership qualities.

5.Square face

Square face shape tends to be similarly wide and long,even though sometimes it may be longer than it is wide.

The forehead and jaw have sharp angles and this allows the person to be more expressive with their emotions.This denotes a personality that is secure,intelligent and one who has logical thoughts.

Some people perceive these individuals to be perfectionists and not very sociable,but the truth is that they are very interesting when you give them the opportunity to establish a relationship.

6.Diamond shaped face

This is also known as a triangular face because the jawline is wide and the forehead is narrow.

The chin is narrow,slightly pointed and tends to be somewhat angular and bony.This shape is not very common and others feel that it represents a mysterious and obnoxious person.Some people have the perception that this is a manipulative person, but in reality the person is fairly friendly when you get to know them.The expression in the eyes reflects leadership and these people tend to constantly successful.

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