What Kind of Mindset Do You Have

growth mind

1. Growth Mindset 

1.I can Learn anything I want to.
When I’m Frustrated, I presevere
I want to challenge myself.
When I fail, I learn.
Tell me I try hard.
If you succeed, I’m inspired.
My effort and attitude determine everything.

2. Failure is an opportunity to grow.

3. Make greater effort have greater engagement receive better grades take on more challenges.

2. Fixed Mindset

1. I’m either good at it, or I’m not.
When I’m Frustrated, I give up.
I don’t like to be challenged.
When I fail, I’m no good.
Tell me I’m smart.
If you succeed, I feel threatened.
My abilities determine everything.

2. Failure is the limit of my abilities.

3. Make kess effort have less engagement receive lower grades take on fewer challenges.

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