Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness


Ever so often, you’d come across an individual who accomplishes successfully in every task he or she sets out to do; be it your class topper, your university nerd, or your overly qualified coworker. All these people, despite their achievements and remarkable understanding of problems around them, have one thing in common; they’re hardly ever happy.

Their thought process makes it difficult for them to set a standard for themselves that needs to be met, which is why their ever-changing demands and expectations cause them to drift away from happiness and into the plunges of desolation.

This article lists the most common reasons why such extraordinary people find it difficult to locate happiness in their lives.

Overthinking Is Common Among Them

Smart people tend to overthink all the time. Their brain constantly tries to find something to solve or relate to. This causes them to over-analyze every situation they find themselves in. They may find happiness for brief periods but their habit of overthinking would disregard it. This can affect their decision-making ability, their relationships, and their jobs.

They Have  High Standards

Everybody has standards, but such people take it a step further. In their brain, they have a set criteria which they expect everyone to meet. They want every situation to meet their requirements, and not really consider any alternative. Ever seen a class topper get mad at the grading criteria or a perfectionist boss with high expectations? Well, there’s your answer.

 They Are Difficult To Understand

Intelligent people, sometimes, tend to be extremely anti-social. In their minds, they feel like nobody understands them; and, to some extent, they are right. In general, people may find it difficult to understand someone different because he may not comply with the norms of the society.

May Be Subject To Psychological Disorders

OCD, paranoia and other issues may be common for someone who is considered to have a high IQ.  This subjects them to over-thinking, over-analysis and makes it difficult for them to stick to one thing or remain satisfied for a certain period of time. Thus, making it harder for them to be happy.

Get Disappointed In Tough Times

We cannot always get what we want. People with high IQ are used to getting things done their way. They work hard and expect too much but once in a while, the desired outcome does not present itself. Hence, when there are tough times, they completely give up or isolate themselves. Leaving a sense of disappointment and heartbreak in some cases.

They Don’t Want To Settle

Most of us are happy with stability in our lives. Let it be marriage or a stable job. Intelligent individuals are the complete opposite. They tend to not fixate on one thing and look for alternatives. If they have a good job, they would want a better one. Stability can be too boring for them. They only like consistency when it’s a change.

They Judge Themselves Too Hard

It takes one bad day, one miscalculation or a mere mistake for them to label themselves as failures. Nobody needs to tell them they are bad at something because they do it themselves; making it increasingly difficult to find solace in distress.

They Simply Have Other Priorities

Being happy is just a construct for a common man. For most of the people, its an achievement they work towards their whole lives. For some, it’s just a passing feeling and not a goal. Most intelligent people focus on staying hungry for knowledge. They want to help advance the world rather than start a family, buy a house or find fulfillment.

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