Why You Should Quit Smoking RIGHT NOW!


Every smoker has once in their smoking life come across this conjuncture that they thought about quit smoking. Some smokers actually quit, some reduced but then got back on it, some quit and then got back on smoking even worse than before!

This article is for all the smokers out there. This article will give you actually tested and approved methods on how to quit smoking and the timeline of benefits once you stop smoking, and it starts exactly 20 minutes after you put down your last cigarette! So read on and try to get your smoking buddies in on truly quitting smoking.

How to Quit Smoking?smoking

First off, you need to make a list of why you like as well as why you (or the people around you) dislike smoking in the first place. When the disliked would overweight the likes list, you’d be ready to quit. Once you’ve hit this point, your next list would include all the things that make quitting difficult. Infront of this list, you will have to come up with alternative coping mechanisms to make the transformation easier on yourself. After this, you are ready to set a date for your last cigarette for life!smoking

When you pass this phase, the relapse mode comes into play. In order to avoid smoking relapse, you need to prepare a set of things to do when the craving hits. You need to stop buying cigarettes packs, for yourself or anyone else. Also, throw away everything that reminds you of cigarettes like lighters or ashtrays or cigarette holders etc. Put the negatives of smoking somewhere you will keep seeing it to remind yourself why quitting is the best thing to do. Replace smoking time with tea time or green tea even because that’s way better for your health and when you do healthy you feel refreshed and better about yourself.

 Also, communication is key, you need to let your partners and friends and co-workers know how you’re feeling after quitting and to have some support that makes you avoid relapse.

What are the Benefits of Quitting Smoking?smoking

And just to motivate you further, these are a list of benefits you get once you quit smoking. They have been arranged in a timeline fashion so you can count the hours and days and months and eventually years to the benefits you are getting by not smoking another one. Also, once you have a cigarette, the entire cycle would have to be repeated from the start. So read on to know why you need to avoid doing that!

In 20 minutessmoking

In less than 20 minutes after you put down your last cigarette, your blood pressure, pulse rate and the temperature of your hands and feet all return to normal.

After 8 hours

The nicotine in your bloodstream reduces by 93.25%! This is a massive amount of reduction in a short amount of time. And it’s natures way of saying that as easily as you get hooked on cigarettes, it is only as easy to get off of it due to the benefits it curtails.quit-smoking

After 12 hours

The oxygen levels in your blood increase to normal and alongside this your carbon monoxide levels drop to normal. This is a double simultaneous benefit that you get from quitting smoking in less than an even a day!quit-smoking

After 24 hours

At this time, unfortunately, your quitting related anxiety levels would return to how you feel before you have a smoke. This is a crucial time for you to remind yourself of all the likes and dislikes list you’ve made and to keep reading and applying all those coping mechanisms you made as an alternative to smoking whenever you feel like you need it. This means that you are now controlling your triggers to smoking and are dealing with the root cause of your issues. Do not take this lightly and seriously take it all the way through.quit-smoking

After 48 hours

Your damaged nerve endings are regrowing and your sense of smell and taste return to normal. At this time your irritability and anger towards quitting smoking are at its peak but you need to focus on the small things that you are getting in return and you need to enjoy the tastes and smells of life in order to gain the long-term benefits of quitting smoking.quit-smoking

After 72 hours

You are 100% nicotine free. Your withdrawal symptoms are done and over with from there peaks. Your bronchial tubes and your lungs are also relaxing and your breathing becomes easier. Take a long hard breath of fresh air and it will refresh you like cigarettes have never done before!quit-smoking

After 2-5 days

You will have a cue-induced craving of 3 cigarettes a day. But keep in mind that no craving lasts longer than 3 minutes and you can save a lifetime to negative smoking impacts by just controlling yourself for 3 minutes!quit-smoking

After 10 days

You have less than 2 cravings a day and that’s when you know you’re going to the right path and the quilting process is really working!quit-smoking

In 2 weeks

Your anxiety levels will return to pre-quitting levels and you will not need or want to have a smoke as bad as you thought, Your gums and teeth health will be akin to someone who has never smoked. This will be the phase whereby you’ll feel a lift off from you and you will free and independent and not as someone who has to rely on nicotine to function normally.quit-smoking

After 2-4 weeks

Your quitting related anger, anxiety, impatience, insomnia, restlessness, and depression are GONE!quit-smoking

After 3 months

Your risk of heart attack is dropping drastically and your lung function is improving dramatically.Your circulation improves, your chronic cough disappears and your walking is way easier. This is the time to enjoy your youthfulness energy and start being proud of yourself for doing a good job at quitting. though, this does not mean you can treat yourself to a cigarette!quit-smoking

After 9 months

Your sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath are frantically decreased. This is so because the cilia in your lungs, which keep your lungs clean, are regrown and you have a boost of energy unlike any from your smoking days.quit-smoking

After 1 year

Your excess risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke are now half the excess risk of a smoker.quit-smoking

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