You Will Quit Your Job After Knowing Salary Of Mukesh Ambani’s Driver

mukesh ambani driver salary

Mukesh Ambani’s empire:

Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd., is one of the richest and most famous persons of the world. What’s more, he is constantly in news for one thing or the other. His house Antilia is listed among the most luxurious and expensive houses and it has all the facilities needed to live a king’s life. Not only this, Mukesh Ambani owns nearly 500 cars along with a helicopter.

Jio launch:

He revolutionised the telecom industry when he launched Reliance Jio, which provided not only free calls but also free data to the subscribers for almost 6 months. After that, he started charging nominal prices in comparison to the prices charged by other telecom service providers.

His drivers are making news:

Nowadays a video is going viral which is talking about the drivers of Mukesh Ambani. In this video, the selection procedure of drivers and how much salary is being paid to a driver by Mukesh Ambani has been depicted.

Driver’s salary:

It is being said that monthly salary of a driver that is being paid by Mukesh Ambani is approx. Rs. 2 lakh per month.

Tough training for drivers:

The contract for hiring drivers for Ambani family is given to private companies which properly train them. Then, these drivers have to pass many examinations to get a job in Ambani household. They are examined under various situations to find out how they will react in certain situation.

Lucky are the drivers of Mukesh Ambani, aren’t they?

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