Your Dressing Can Play A Very Important Role In Your Success

Do you ever wonder if your dressing can make you successful? The answer is YES, it can. Your dressing affects you psychologically and can influence your body language.

If you want your outfit to have a positive impact on your mind and your body, then pull out your formal clothes! Formal attire not only looks sharp and professional but automatically makes you feel strong and influential.

On the contrary, if you’re in your pajamas all day, you won’t be able to even crawl out of bed. As comfortable clothing makes you lazy.

In order to prove that dressing really does have an effect on your brain, a Social Psychological and Personality Science paper was conducted in August 2015. In which the test subjects had a choice of changing into a formal or casual attire. There was a significant improvement in the abstract thinking of those wearing suits compared to those dressed casually. Researchers have also stated that when you change your clothes, your body starts having biological reactions which allow you to feel like a new person.

You must remember the old saying “You should dress for the job you want instead of the one you have.” If you want to become an impactful man, learn to dress like a sassy boss and sassy bosses wear graceful tuxedos.

Dress like the way you want to be addressed. We now know the psychological impact of sharp dressing but studies have proven that your dressing has an impact on your body as well.

Another similar study was done by Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2014, and this study consisted of two groups of people working on a negotiation project. Group A wore suits while the other team wore casual sweats. In the end, when the results were compared; there was a significant difference between the lucrative deals and the testosterone levels. Those in suits made more lucrative deals and had higher testosterone levels.

A specific type of attire is associated with a particular form of work. Formal suits are always associated with business tycoons since it makes them feel more powerful and influential. Similarly, doctors are always seen wearing lab coats since it helps them be more productive. You must’ve observed how happy medical students get when they are given a lab coat because that coat is a statement and the students feel empowered. Same goes for sportsmen, as they prefer wearing their sports uniform while playing since it makes them feel tougher which even has an impact on their performance. Tracksuits improve the player’s performance on the ground.

Color is the first thing people notice about clothes; each color sets its own mood. Studies have proven that color can alter someone’s blood pressure, hormones and body temperature.
There is a famous saying  “When in doubt, wear red”. Red is a very bold and powerful color, it makes you feel strong and prominent. If you’re going for a bold look, you should add a little red in your clothing; you’ll feel different.

Putting together an outfit is art since it involves using many different shades, patterns, and sizes. Keep a few things – such as your weight, personality, shape, and emotions – in mind while putting together an outfit.

Contemplate if you want to stand out or if you don’t want to be noticeable in the crowd. Decide if you want to dress distinguishable before putting together an outfit. Through our dressing, we can express ourselves in the society. The phrase “dress for success” is for all of us and we can do that by improving our clothing.

When you feel confident about yourself in what you wear, flaunt it. Your attire will play its own role when it comes to achieving success.

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